Every now and then I wake up feeling that I should write a blog. It's not that I have something interesting to say, but I feel that could be a wonderful experience and could help me give an answer to the most ancient question of them all: "How the fuck did I got here?". I'm by no mean a good writer, but I think it's important to became proficient in the art of expressing themselves, and the only way to achieve something (if you are like me, not gifted, sigh) is practice.

The thing is, I absolutely love learning, and I think that the feeling of grasping a concept after struggling on it for a while is one of the best in the world. I want to share this feeling with you (but probably only me, I have no intention of advertising this blog anywhere, for now at least).

I tried several times to start a blog, every time I failed, hard. Why? Because I tried to make it perfect, interesting, amazing! But every time there was always something that didn't felt quite right, and I eventually abandoned the project every fucking time. But not this time. This time I decided to keep it simple, to focus on content and not on appearence, to write for me and not for others.